Individual bankruptcy


Investigation in case of declaring an individual bankrupt

Andrey Spector
Date: 10 Apr , 8:04
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Currently, the proceedings are at the stage of a preliminary hearing in the procedure of debt restructuring of the Debtor.

The task

The attorney protects the interests of one of the creditors.

​ ​

The solution

The Commercial Court of Kyiv Region has a pending case № 911/1856/21 according to application of an individual B on insolvency, accepted for consideration by the court decision dated 25 June - 2021.

The decision of the Commercial Court of Kyiv region dated 30 June - 2021 opened proceedings in the case №911/1856/21 on insolvency; the Debtor's debt restructuring procedure was introduced; Arbitration Manager M.M. Serdyuk was appointed as the Debtor's Restructuring Manager.

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